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University of New Orleans: 1958 - 2008

A Stroll Down Memory Lane . . .

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UNO Fight Song

Few know this, but our fight song does have lyrics.  The way I've always been told is that the fight song was the result of a student competition in 1981, with the winning composer being Lois Ostrolenk. 

Before this fight song, UNO used the main melody form the William Tell Overture as the school's pep song.  We still perform a variation of William Tell at each basketball game to honor this tradition.  The current song, "Let's Hear it for UNO", is performed each time the team enters or leaves the basketball court.  We also perform it during timeouts to get the crowd into the game.

Paul Weiser, Director
UNO Pep Band
Image courtesy of Paul Weiser

Click here for Alma Mater & Fight Song.

Score for UNO Fight Song

UNO Pep Band in front of Earl K. Long Library, Fall 1989

The UNO Pep Band was under the direction of Louis Berndt during the 80's and provided musical entertainment and school spirit at UNO basketball games.  The organization disbanded in the early 90's but returned in 1999 under the direction of Paul Weiser, with guidance and support from Will Peneguy, Margaret Vinti, and Regina Pirolozzi.  Along with the UNO Cheerleaders and Privateer Dancers, the Pep Band continues to provide music and school spirit at UNO sporting events.

Paul Weiser, Director,
UNO Pep Band
Image courtesy of Paul Weiser

UNO Pep Band Fall 1989

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